Hello there

Who We Are

21Days was built with a mission to help the hospitality industry get back on its feet following COVID-19.

Regent Branding, which is the digital agency that developed 21Days, has experience in the hospitality industry, with apps like Drench that allowed us to dive head first into the restaurant industry. 21Days is a continuation to the commitment we have towards the high street.

We don’t charge obscene onboarding fees, or charge a few pennies per customer, as we don’t want your increase in footfall to drive up the price you pay for our services. That profit is yours, and it should be protected. It’s been a tough year, but this is our contribution to an industry we hope will still be around today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

Our Founder and CEO, Hamzah Malik, has experience working with restaurants, from small businesses to large chains, and is focused on providing great user experiences using the latest software and digital solutions. Feel free to connect with him on Linkedin Here

21Days is a product proudly made by the team at Regent Branding.